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First Live Shopping event: how to start?

There has been so much buzz about Live Shopping commerce for a few years, and maybe you have already thought about it as an opportunity for your business, but let's sort out what you need to start it.

Let's start with the technical part first

You have to keep some things in mind before starting any Live event: the place, the video production, and the host.

The place

Do you have a studio with proper light in it? Is your place quiet enough to run the show and have no extraneous sounds like kids outside the window, cars and sirens, way too curious neighbours or strangers peeking into the room and asking how to get to the library? Well, jokes aside, you have to have a quiet place with proper light and more likely soundproof (not because you are supposed to scream, but mostly for your comfort and not to get distracted by the noises from the outside).

The video production

And we are talking not only about cameras. The sound production, video editing, framing, etc. If you want to sell something or you want to start a dialogue with your audience, you are supposed to do it neatly. No falling cameras, no knees or socks (even funny ones) in the frame, and no cutting off the sound. That is you, smiling and open to people, and the products. Smart and simple. But still require some professional attention.

The host

Okay, we are 100% sure you know your products from A to Z, but product knowledge does not equal the skill to engage the audience or entertain people. A professional host knows how to tell the story, how to guide the audience from point A ("Hmmm, what is that?") up to the point B ("Hey, I need it right now, please, take my money!"), and how to sell unobtrusively. What we have seen so many times is how the most qualified experts can not light the fire, so that is why we recommend you have professional hosts for at least the first events.


The semi-conclusion we can summarize here is about preparing the technical part and gathering and evaluating your resources. If you expect people to buy something from you, you have to double-check if you have everything you need. The light is proper? Great! The studio is quiet, and nobody will interfere with you. Perfect! You have a person who is not afraid of public speaking and who is into some kind of improvisation. Wow! Then you are ready to start!



Now let's move further to the content

Now, that we are clear with the production side of live-streaming events, let's talk about what we want to say and how we are going to do it. As long as you have something to sell, you need a plan for how to make the most out of the Live Shows. Otherwise, why are we doing it, right? So, the bullet points for this part are the strategy and the data. Let's go!

The Live Shopping strategy

Think about your interactive shoppable streams as a map. Imagine, you are going to hike this weekend, and you are building your route and planning what to bring with you accordingly. Here we have a swampy area, so it is better to have waterproof shoes. Okay, done. Next, the weather forecast is a bit stormy, so let's grab warm jackets. Sunny noon? Grab your SPF spray.

You get the idea, right? Think about the way you want to go across and try to anticipate what might work best for you.

Let's say, you want to boost your sales. Then, visualize all the best practices - special offers, reminders for abandoned carts, coupons, "buy 2 and get 3", etc. Should you be into brand awareness - think about how you can help local communities, or about the possible collaboration with other brands and media. Do not try to do everything just in one live event.

Remember, it is your long-term goal, so use your resources wisely, and move step by step gradually, increasing your performance.

Bear in mind, that Live Shopping provides an opportunity to humanize your brand and establish a personal connection with your target audience. By showcasing real people demonstrating products and engaging with customers, you can create a sense of authenticity, transparency, and trust, and gain the benefit of live shopping. This is especially important in today's market, where consumers value genuine interactions and experiences.

The data

After your shoppable stream is over - it is not the end. It is just the beginning! Be prepared to work with the analytics after the stream. Good providers give you all the data regarding your live videos so that you can see clearly what worked well and what to improve.

Live shopping sessions offer a valuable opportunity to receive instant feedback from your customers. By monitoring their comments, questions, and reactions, you can gain insights into their preferences, pain points, and purchasing behaviour. This feedback can inform your future product development, marketing strategies, and overall business decisions.

The general idea is to be prepared to have a blueprint first and track all the analytics to gauge your strategy. It can be valuable for your business as it allows you to understand customer preferences, address concerns, and make improvements. It also demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction, enhancing your brand reputation.


We have covered the most significant points you should have on your checklist if you plan to start your live commerce events. There is much more on the plate, but these are the essential ones for any upcoming live event so we want you to keep them in mind before you start. No matter, if you pick Livescale as your platform, Amazon Live, or Taobao Live - the basic is the basic.

Overall, incorporating live shopping into your business strategy can foster customer engagement, increase sales, provide valuable market insights, and differentiate your business from competitors. It offers an interactive and immersive shopping experience that aligns with the changing preferences and expectations of modern consumers.

In summary, Live Shopping commerce offers a unique and interactive way to engage with customers, increase sales conversion rates, and build brand trust. By leveraging the power of live video streaming and real-time interaction, your business can tap into the growing trend of immersive online shopping experiences and gain a competitive edge in the e-commerce landscape.


Live Shopping, also known as live streaming shopping or live commerce, is an emerging e-commerce trend that has gained significant popularity in recent years. Usually, it refers to the practice of hosting live video streams where businesses can showcase and sell their products in real time to online audiences. Also, there are some decent practices like "Shoppable moments" when you save your shopping stream for those who were not online but are still eager to buy with the announced discount.