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Live Shopping on Valentine’s Day – 5 ways!

Is your brand wondering “How can we leverage Live Shopping on Valentine’s Day?"

Live Shopping is the perfect way to leverage holidays like Valentine’s Day in real-time with your customers. Here are five fun ways your brand can use Live Shopping this Valentine’s Day! 


1. Do a special Valentine’s Day show for VIP customers

On Valentine’s Day itself, a special show is a great way to show your loyal customers a little love! 

For example, a message to your VIP customers could look like this: 

Hey Valentine, 

This V-Day we wanted to show you, our most valued customers a little extra love! Join us for a special Live Shopping event on February 14th for 25% off our newest collection. 

This sale is available for ONE HOUR and ONLY during our Live Shopping show, you don’t want to miss it!

(be sure to include the link to your Live Shopping show somewhere in your message!)

This is a sweet way to show your VIP customers some appreciation! Also, it’s an opportunity to engage with your customers during a time when they’re not only shopping for themselves but for others.

Note: You can run a high-urgency Valentine’s Day show for all customers, it doesn’t just have to be for VIPs! 


2. During your show offer a special Valentine’s Day promo code/bundle

If you’re already running a show during the week of the 14th, add in a special promo code or bundle for Valentine’s Day. 

For example, during the show, the host can say:

“Since it’s Valentine’s Day this week, use promo code: INLOVE for $5 for your total order today!”

And with Livescale you have the ability for your promo code to appear on-screen during the show, whenever you want! 

Valentine’s Day is also a great holiday to offer a special bundle or “two for one” sales. Your host can say: “In honour of Valentine’s Day we have a special bundle offer! Since we know two is better than one, today you can get two candles for the price of one by selecting any of our Love Bundles!” 

With Livescale’s shoppable product display and in-video checkout, you can display bundles on your product carousel. Customers can “add-to-cart” and make the purchase without ever leaving the show! 


3. Run your Live Shopping show as a gift guide!

A gift guide is an optimal way to walk customers through the features and benefits of your current products but also, an easy way to position your products as gifts. 

Here’s a message you can send to your customers if you want to run a gift guide Live Shopping show: 

Not sure what to get your loved ones for Valentine’s Day? Looking for gifts in a particular price range? Join us on February 7th at 7 PM EST for a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide where we’ll guide you through products for your special someone. Whether it’s for your partner, BFF, Galentine or crush, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift.

(don’t forget to include the link to your live show!)


4. Include a love-themed activity for your viewers  

A really cool way to leverage Valentine’s Day in your Live Shopping strategy is to include a love-related activity! 

Recently, one of our clients Diptyque did this by collaborating with floral design studio Bloom and Plume to run a bouquet-making workshop while showcasing their new collection.

Here are some other ideas of activities your brand could lead during a live show that is in the spirit of Valentine’s Day: 

  • greeting card workshop 
  • romantic meal cooking class
  • “Love notes” calligraphy class 
  • Valentine DIY workshops for easy crafts like friendship bracelets or sugar scrubs 
  • how to make origami hearts

The possibilities are endless!


5. Market your show as a solution for last-minute gift-getters!  

Many of us are guilty of waiting until the last minute to get gifts and Valentine’s Day is no exception! A Live Shopping show is a fresh way to engage last-minute shoppers by taking the work away from them. 

With Live Shopping there’s no need to go to a store. During a Live Shopping show, your host can easily showcase products to customers. With a few clicks, their gift will be at their doorstep, no store visit is needed! 

Here’s an example of a message your brand could send to last-minute shoppers: 

Uh oh! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you haven’t gotten a gift yet? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Join us on February 10th at 3 PM EST for a Last-Minute Live Shopping show! During this show only, shop the products that are in stock and ready to ship for 10% off! Skip the trip to the store and let us bring the gifts to you, see you there!

(don’t forget to include the link to your live show!)


Now, you’re ready to leverage Valentine’s Day and engage with your customers, position your products as gifts and sell. Let us know if you use any of these strategies by tweeting us @livescaletv. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Need help? Contact us to get started with your Live Shopping journey!