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How to Find the Right Host for Your Live Shopping Event

Finding the perfect host for your next live shopping show is never an easy task. The host is the face of your brand, they showcase products, engage with viewers, and answer real-time questions. Researching prospects and testing different options can be timely but highly recommended for a successful show!


The Different Types of Hosts

In the world of Live Stream Shopping, there are several types of hosts. Depending on the concept of your show or the values of your brand, you will need a host best suited for your vision. To break it down, there are two main types: Key Opinion Leaders, Key Opinion Consumers, and a third type that Livescale likes to call Key Opinion Sellers.

First, let’s define the lingo:

KOL (Key Opinion Leader): an influential personality that can drive thinking, action, and decision in mass.

KOC (Key Opinion Consumer): an expert on a specific market or industry that is well trusted and known by their community.

KOS (Key Opinion Seller): is either an internal brand member (designer, sales, founder) or an experienced KOL with additional product-specific expertise that garners consistently high conversion.


What’s the difference between a KOL, KOC, and KOS?

Starting with the most popular type of Live Shopping host, a KOL usually has a large following on social media. They have created a community with whom they’ve developed a relationship of trust. KOLs are comparable to influencers, hence, great for stimulating traffic and hype around an event! However, they don’t always drive high conversion rates.

KOSs often obtain higher conversions due to their product expertise and compelling sales pitch. They can be internal brand members who are familiar with the values and the history of the brand.

KOCs are relatable yet influential consumers, having used the product they can be a great fit to target specific markets they are part of.


What Makes a Good Host

The audience will value authenticity, expertise, and engagement, these are the qualities your host should develop. A bubbly and charismatic personality will always help to make a lasting impression on the viewers, but the skill sets don’t stop there.  

1. Know the Products

Like any good salesperson in a store, your host needs to be knowledgeable of the products. For example, KOSs have either previously worked within the brand or worked as a collaborator, meaning they have a thorough understanding of what they are selling. Your host must be ready to answer any questions regarding the products but also give on-the-spot tips to different types of customers. For instance, a skincare brand might receive a question like this:

I have been struggling with Acne and dry skin for a long time, do you think this cream is adapted for my skin type?

An experienced salesperson or host knows to only recommend products that are suitable to the shopper’s situation, pushing unnecessary products will only result in breaking the relationship of trust.  

2. Engage with the Audience

The show shouldn’t only revolve around the products, don’t forget about your audience! Keep them engaged, and be a people-person! Check in on them, ask them questions and make them feel like they are part of the show. Viewers aren’t just here to watch, they are also here to participate in an interactive experience, and the host needs to create this experience for them.

3. Be a True Seller!

No one can resist a good sales pitch! In a store you can only reach one person at a time, with Live Shopping, you are now running a show in front of a large audience. The script might be a little different, but the idea is the same, be energetic and convincing when you showcase the products. Once again, make sure you understand the customers’ situation and only recommend products that fit their needs.

4. Adapt to Any Situation

The particularity of going live is never knowing what to expect! Even with a lot of preparation, there can be a little bump in the road during a live event. Your host is the only person your viewers are interacting with, so they should always remain calm and collected. Even better if your host is also a natural multi-tasker: answering questions, showcasing products, checking in on the audience…it’s a lot!


Where Can You Find a Host?

Now, you may have an idea of the profile you’re looking for but how do you make it happen? Here is where you can look for your dream host:


What if we told you the right host could already be part of your brand? Internal brand members can make excellent hosts. Founders, salespeople, designers, and in-house makeup artists, are all great examples of potential hosts you can find within your brand. Having worked with the brand will give them the product knowledge viewers are looking for. For a first show, it can be worthwhile to focus on internal hosts, limit costs, and have better control over the show.

Livescale Marketplace

Livescale has its very own Live Shopping marketplace for hosts! Our goal is to give you all the tools to succeed in Live Shopping. Once you create your Livescale account, you’ll have access to various talented KOLs, KOSs, and KOCs who can run your next Live Shopping show!

If you want to keep an internal host but they aren’t 100% ready to host their own live show, we have experienced coaches that can train them! Livescale has partnered with some of the best consultants with prior experience as TV Shopping hosts. 

Social Media

Hosts usually have an important presence on social media, which makes Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter great tools! Depending on the platform, you will find hosts targeting different demographics and target segments. Don’t hesitate to use hashtags to make the search a little easier!