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How to unlock the psychology of “See Now, Buy Now” with Live Shopping

You may not know it yet, but you want to buy something. The right persona – or key opinion leader, as we coin at Livescale – is waiting to extract this FOMO-esque behaviour out of you, showing you just how much better life will be once you add to the cart.  

Don’t believe us? Read this brilliant piece in the Atlantic about the genius of Shopping Channels – you’ll soon understand why.  

Now, the psychological thrill our parents raised us on, playing late at night and making famous the sham wow, chop-it and SNL’s parody “Bass-o-matic" is taking a second life, in the form of Live Shopping. But what, you ask, is the secret sauce to unzipping your customer’s wallets and unlocking sales? Read on to find out.  

  1. Pay Attention. And then Repeat. 
    If you think a Live Shopping host is taking a bite of a brownie or twirling a ring in a spontaneous way, think again. Some of the world's most advanced Live Shopping brands have control rooms, where they see sales statistics in real-time, now replicated in real-time for clients of Livescale. Because of this access,  brands can correlate host and guest behaviours with spikes in sales and advise them (via earpiece) to repeat the action, phrase, or wardrobe. Years ago, when Joe Sugarman was on air pushing BluBlocker sunglasses on a television infomercial, he learned wearing a loud tie helped him move more product; Ron Popeil would jump in the air knowing it led to an increase in profits. Currently, QVC breakout host David Venable can bump his numbers up when he does his “happy dance,” and some of China’s most impressive Key Opinion Sellers have signature words or phrases they share when a client makes a sale. 
  1. Pressure Makes Diamonds (and Sales)
    The beauty of Live events? They end. And with them, ends the chance for buyers to score the best prices, the most exclusive product, and the bragging rights to say they scored a sweet deal. For brands, leverage this Fear of Missing Out – the best sellers create opportunities for pressure, such as informing viewers about limited quantities, a specific time left to buy, or using Livescale’s product highlighter to share products directly with the viewer, as they’re watching the live event.