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Livescale Celebrates One Year as First Live Shopping Solution

In October 2019, Urban Decay Cosmetics became the first colour cosmetics brand to launch Live Shopping in North America, pioneering Livescale’s innovation for twice-weekly events hosted by social media influencers.

“In this hyper-connected world, and as these technologies continue to evolve, we’re able to interact with more customers in a more personal way, and create frictionless, meaningful experiences,” says Robert Beredo, CDO L’Oréal Canada.

L’Oréal is expanding upon its position as a Live Shopping leader in North America, where hour-long Live Shopping events have earned up to 1.5 days’ worth of a brand’s revenue.

“We’re proud to be industry experts to some of the most trusted brands in the world,” says Virgile Ollivier, Livescale’s CEO and Co-Founder, referencing Livescale Academy, a hub of videos and resources updated daily. “It’s why groups like L’Oréal have committed to such long-term, large-scale relationships from the beginning. Not only is our solution the most sophisticated due to our seamless checkout process, but so is our expertise.”

This trust has resulted in a myriad of increasingly diverse industries betting on Livescale. Since June 2020, the brand’s launch with Shopify has empowered hundreds of clients in fashion, grocery, technology and activewear to seamlessly adopt Live Shopping. Livescale also plans to expand its Shopify offering internationally, citing unprecedented demand for its integrated e-commerce flow, engagement features and brand-owned data as key differentiators.

“Though our clients’ engagement rates are higher than social media live streams, what’s exciting for brands is the opportunity to own their data, providing valuable insights on changing consumer values,” says Geoffroy Robin, Livescale’s Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. “With consumer preference changing more than ever, this strategic insight is key.”

Livescale is in numerous active discussions with global leaders in the action apparel and beauty space, with plans for launches during the holiday season.

About Livescale
Nominated by LVMH as one of 2020 most innovative companies, Livescale empowers brands to engage and convert customers through the first integrated, brand-owned Live Shopping solution.