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Post-Live Shopping Event: Repurposing Your Live Video

Looking to extend the value of your event? Brands can easily get even more out of their live shows by preparing and repurposing their video recording across their social media channels and even their website after the event.

While each communications platform has its own subset of priorities and target audiences, you can easily cater a single video to multiple channels by making minor tweaks.

In this article, we’re giving you some of our favourite ways to repurpose a live show recording across multiple channels.


1. Social Media Platforms

With a recording of your live show, you will find yourself enriching your social media content library at no extra cost. The possibilities here are pretty much endless, so we’re naming just a few to get you started.

  • Create a “highlights” collection in your Stories and recap the fun moments from your show, along with a link to sign up for your newsletter or watch the full replay on your website. Let your community know what they missed and let their FOMO ensure that they tune in next time!

:trophy: Pro tip #1: Consider creating stories to educate your audience on how to access your live shopping event. Prepare your viewers for an easy and seamless experience with a platform walk-through for those who are unfamiliar with the concept. You can find a great example of Buyer Orientation by one of our customers, Paul Guess Live.

:trophy: Pro tip #2: Handpick a few snippets to create a reel or IGTV video. These can be about the live show specifically, or strictly product-focused if you spent a good amount of time doing a tutorial or FAQ session.

  • Similar to Instagram, clip and upload snippets with the best moments from your live event to your Facebook page.

  • If you have a large community on Facebook, consider keeping a full replay on your page for people to revisit or discover if they missed the party.

  • YouTube is a great place to house a full replay of your show.

  • Some brands keep the link unlisted and only use it to link from specific communications or pages on their website. Others have a public playlist on their YouTube page for people to access at any time. Think about what is best for your brand, but private or not, make sure you can link to a full replay when you need to.

:trophy: Pro tip #3: Don’t forget to grab the auto-generated thumbnails in the YouTube studio. Extra content to repurpose at no extra cost!

  • Select a twittable quote from your live event and share it along with a link to the full replay.

  • Create a relatable and trendy meme with a GIF from the show.

  • Share a short highlight video or GIF from the show, and include a link to the full replay in your post.

:light_bulb_on:Food for thought: While your brand may not use LinkedIn to make sales, you may want to share a glimpse into your live shows to build your brand presence and start a conversation.
  • Consider combining clips from your show with additional behind-the-scenes content for an exclusive montage.

  • Don’t forget about any tutorial or demo that you may have filmed and used on Instagram. These also make for great trending pieces of content with high potential for TikTok.

2. Newsletters

Newsletters can also be a great playground for repurposing your live show recording depending on your email marketing strategy.

  • Send a recap of the event (don’t forget to include any promos!) to let your community know what they missed and attract more viewers for the next show.

  • Create GIFs out of key moments from your show and share them in your newsletter to add a more authentic touch to your content.

:trophy: Pro tip #4: Have you hopped on the GIF bandwagon yet? GIFs unlock so much potential for storytelling, impressions, conversions, and more! They are more appealing than images and are cheaper (and easier) to create compared to videos. Also, you can use them across many platforms!

3. e-Commerce Website

Depending on your resources, you may be able to scatter your live shopping content across your website.

  • Use your recordings to build a live shopping landing page that houses information about all upcoming and previous events.

    • Use top moments from a few shows to create a recap video that is certain to give FOMO to your audience. Here is a strong example by one of our clients, Beekman 1802

    • Host a full video replay (embedded link from YouTube) and highlight the products featured in that live show to keep promoting them. Here is a good example by one of our clients Biotherm or Guess and Company

  • If your website structure permits it, handpick a few clips that show your product well and include them in your product detail pages.


There is so much content to create from a live shopping show to use according to your brand’s marketing strategy. Don’t miss your chance to leverage the full potential of your recording and get more out of your event!

Want more ideas? Watch our webinar 94 Ways To Repurpose Your Live Shopping Recording with Stephanie Liu, host of Lights, Camera, Live®.